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Take care, girls with phones

 Fireman Sam

The fire safety officer came to visit my daughter’s school yesterday. She made me hoot with laughter re-telling the best moments of the visit and she passed on some actually pretty essential fire prevention advice.

Every girl with a phone needs to read on!

First, the class was asked if anyone had been involved in a fire. Two children had and both blazes involved burning things falling out of the fireplace and setting the carpet alight. In one incident it was a board game that had been tossed onto the fire… hmmmm…. Monopoly by any chance? That frequently ends in a blood bath at our house.

One boy confessed that when he was four, he was watching Fireman Sam on TV showing how to call the fire brigade… so he decided to try it. He picked up the receiver, dialled 999, asked for Fire and told them there was a fire. The brigade duly arrived and Broke Down The Door of Their House. Daddy was apparently not very pleased.

Next, the safety officer asked the class what they should do if they were trapped by fire in an upstairs room. One girl answered: ‘Throw everything out of the window to make a soft landing and jump?’

At this, the officer smacks his forehead and asks: ‘Where did you learn that? Disneyland?’ Lots of laughter.


Shout Fire!

The real answer is shut the door, block off any gaps smoke can get through, open the window and shout ‘FIRE!’ because apparently ‘HELP’ will be ignored by most passers by. Charming.

Here’s the grim news. The number one cause of house fires these days – now that not so many people are sharing cigarettes in bed on nylon sheets – is leaving your phone charging beside your bed!!!!!

The most common victim of this kind of fire? Lovely, chatty, popular girls who don’t want to miss a text/ post/ tweet.

I know, I was utterly traumatised. We often have everyone in the family going to sleep beside their charging phone. So, this blog is actually a public safety broadcast. Charge your phones before bedtime, then switch them off and sleep safe and sound.

And never throw your Monopoly board into the fire, no matter how annoying it is to land on Park Lane with four houses and one hotel AGAIN.

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