The Family Novels

Families - the biggest drama of all!

Busy mothers, demanding teens, tricky sisters, wailing babies, grumpy old granddads...
I love a family drama, a family comedy, and a family adventure.

Family Novels

I'm calling these books my family novels because family is absolutely at the heart of them all. They centre on those complex relationships between women and men, women and their children, women and their parents, their siblings. I love creating characters and then delving right into the nitty-gritty of their family dynamics.

There is still plenty of humour - hello, it's me, I'll be cracking a joke on my deathbed - but I get to go deeper and really explore my heroines. This Amazon review is perfect: '... real and intricate lives that are both messy and glorious.'

Worn Out Wife Seeks New Life, New Family Required and The Woman Who Ran for the Hills were all written in the 2020s. Plenty of writing time in those lockdown years!

Three in a Bed is a new and re-edited edition of my 2002 first novel. I was surprised how well it stands the test of time. And Don is still my all-time favourite book boyfriend!