Meet Annie Valentine

Annie in Paris

Out 30 April 2024

Personal shopper Annie Valentine is back!

Older but bolder!

The ultimate family, fun and fashion read

There are seven books in the series so far, so if you love hanging out with Annie, her family and friends, keep coming back for more!

'I loved her then, I love her now. Annie's back and she's better than ever! Fun, feel good and feisty - Annie Valentine is the woman you want to share a cocktail with!'

Portia MacIntosh

Introducing your favourite fashionista,
Annie Valentine

Over the course of seven books, Annie has gone from single mother of two, working as a personal shopper, to married mother of four, forging a career in fashion TV.

She first stepped into my life when I was helping a friend to choose a dress for an important work event not long after her maternity leave had ended. She was wrestling with the post-baby bod and all those insecurities until we found The Dress that somehow made it all better and made her believe that she could come back in a blaze of glory and maybe this whole working/ mothering balancing act might be possible and even exciting.

I couldn't help wondering about the women in fashion stores who do this for a living and how empowering, inspiring and confiding their role can be.


The eternal optimist & gloriously creative

Annie is a Londoner, born and bred, and the eternal optimist. She's always rushing about, dreaming big and wanting better. Yes, sometimes everyone around her is completely exasperated! And often, it All Goes Wrong. But my aim with these stories is to pack them with energy, optimism, comedy, family, female-bonding and, of course, the gloriously creative world of fashion.

Each book builds on her story, but they are also self-contained episodes and adventures, so no need to read them all or read them in order. If you've loved all the books so far, I'm sure you'll love the new one as the comedy, the fashion, the family and friends are all back just as you'd expect. I have absolutely loved catching up with them all and now I'm wondering... what will they do next?!