Meet Carmen Reid

This page is always hard!

Where to start? How to boil myself down into a few paragraphs?

OK, I write. Let's start there.

I was working as a journalist when I had a baby and wrote my first novel Three in a Bed. It was published and another 17 novels followed, including the  UK bestsellers, Did The Earth Move? and The Personal Shopper series, starring Annie Valentine. I mainly write fiction for women that reflects our jam-packed lives filled with work, dreams, hopes, our families, romances, comedies, tragedies and disasters, generously sprinkled with humour, fashion and travel.

Then along came a break from being published when I concentrated on a day job in investment writing and bringing up my two children through those turbulent teen years.


During the pandemic, I found time to write a new novel, Worn Out Wife Seeks New Life, and joined forces with the brilliant Boldwood Books. Since then, I've re-edited and republished my old titles with Boldwood and I've been hard at work on new novels too: New Family Required and The Woman Who Ran For The Hills. 

Annie Valentine fans will be delighted to hear that a brand new book seven, Annie in Paris, comes out in April 2024. I have loved returning to her world with all its familiar characters, who feel like family to me.

I still live in Glasgow, Scotland, while dreaming of living somewhere with way more sunshine! My children are growing up, both at uni now, but I'm still parenting hard.

You can catch up with me here, where news and occasional blogs are posted. There is even a newsletter now. I also pop up on Facebook and Instagram @carmenreidwrites. Social media used to make me feel like the awkward, tall girl standing in the kitchen at parties, but I'm getting used to it, especially as I have friends there now.

It's wonderful to be back sharing words, thoughts, feelings and books with my amazing readers. It's been too long, darlings, toooo long!

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