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Hello from the other side!


I know, it’s been literally years and years… but I’ve written a brand new novel – novel number 19 – and I absolutely love it, and the lovely people at Boldwood have agreed to publish it.

Worn Out Wife Seeks New Life

Let’s dust off the champagne glasses and get excited!

So, about me… well, I’m still a writer, who lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and continues to dream of living somewhere with way more sunshine. I’m still working and parenting hard. The family is growing up. The children have both left school!  Jimmy the Jack Russell is still with us, aged 15.

All our family dramas – the great times, the growing pains, the sagas, disasters and the really pretty good days have all taken so much time, involvement and effort. Plus, I have a non-fiction day job now.

And let’s not even get started with the Global Pandemic…

You can catch up with me here on the website, where news and the occasional blog gets posted. Heck, there may even be a newsletter now and then. I also pop up on FacebookInstagram and, once in a blue moon, Twitter, even though social media can make me feel like the awkward, tall girl standing in the kitchen at parties.

Hope you are loving the new website photos. The talented daughter took them… and we only fell out and rolled our eyes at each other very briefly.

In other news… my six Annie Valentine novels are currently getting a makeover – Annie will totally love that. They will start to re-appear in gorgeous new covers towards the end of the year. Will there be more from Annie? Let’s wait and see.

And can I just say… it’s so lovely to be back sharing words, thoughts, feelings and books with my totally amazing readers. It’s been too long, darlings, toooo long!

Carmen xxx