Cross My Heart | A story of extraordinary courage, endurance and hope


For everyone who’s been wanting to know what I’m doing next… here it is, curtain up moment… the heartbreakingly lovely cover of my new book: Cross My Heart.

Yes. Gasp! It’s quite a change. No pink, no sparkles, no adventures in fashion-land… this is the story of a 15 year old girl who joins the Belgian Resistance in 1940 during the Nazi occupation.

It’s an adventure story. It’s a love story. It’s a story of extraordinary courage, endurance and hope.

I am so proud of it. I have worked my socks off on it for over a year and I think it is the best thing I’ve ever written. It has been lovingly researched, something I enjoyed immensely.

I’ve always been totally fascinated by the Second World War, especially with the women’s and the girls’ stories.

The teenagers who served in the Resistance were unbelievably brave. They faced torture and execution every day. They had to make incredibly difficult decisions especially if their bombs risked civilians. But they were still teenagers: they fell in and out of love, they argued with their best friends, hung out in cafes, gossiped, had problems with their families.

More about this story soon, I’m compiling a blog of all the research sites and books I’ve used.

Cross My Heart comes out in August. It’s written for readers from age 11 plus, but I think anyone who wants to read a really gripping story of young love and unforgettable courage from this era will LOVE it.

Here’s the taster from the back of the book.

How far would you go for freedom?

Would you lie to your family?

Break up with your best friend?

Follow the boy you love into extreme danger?

Risk your life?

It’s 1940, Europe is at war and Nicole’s home city has been invaded by the Nazis. When she joins a secret group of freedom fighters, she learns that 15 is not too young to fire a gun, plant a bomb, face capture, torture and heartbreak and put your life on the line.

Inspired by real people, real places and real events.


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