Rocks to die for, or steal?

For the next few weeks, I’m handing the keys of the blog over to my lovely friends from:  ‘The Jewels of Manhattan’. First up, Sapphire Jewel, antiques jewellery expert, writes:

I know round about this time of year, the nights get dark and all the jewellery store windows start lighting up for Christmas. Everyone wants brand new sparkly stones in the right kind of box from the right kind of jeweller.

But in your jewellery box, I bet you already have some lovely old pieces, maybe from your grandma or your great-auntie that you never ever wear because they look dowdy and old-fashioned.

Well, here’s the news: real vintage jewellery is totally in fashion right now. So it’s time to take that piece out of the box and first of all clean it up. There are some great tips on cleaning fragile, vintage pieces right here:

When that piece is sparkling again, it’s time to wear it with a twist.

Could that old-fashioned brooch be turned into a stunning cocktail ring? Check out this photo from US Vogue.


Or you could string your brooch onto a ribbon and wear it round your neck or even pin it to a hairband and wear it in your hair.

Check out vintage jewellery stores and jewellery auctions for true bargains. Prices are good right now and I promise you, the quality of older pieces is so much better than new.

As we like to say in Texas, if you buy vintage, you are going to get so much more bang for your buck.


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