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Carmen Reid

New Family Required – out now

Family secrets, warring siblings and a disastrous reunion…
what could possibly go right?!

by Carmen Reid

Sasha Greenhope has a very lovely life. Her marriage is solid, her only daughter is delightful, and the family business is going full steam ahead.

The only blip on the horizon is the upcoming family reunion for her parents’ 40th wedding anniversary at Chadwell House – the family pile. Sasha just does not fit with her rich family. Her French mother, Delphine, things everything Sasha does is a faux pas… And siblings, Adele and Beau, are clearly the favourites.

So when Sasha’s husband Ben takes this exact moment to reveal that they are about to go bankrupt, Sasha wants to be anywhere but stuck in a lavish marquee!

“Escapist summer reading at its best.”
– Jill Mansell

by Carmen Reid

Tess Simpson needs a break! No one appreciates her at home. No one appreciates her at work. And now her dog has died. She’s had enough!

River Romero needs a break! Yes, she’s had success as a Hollywood scriptwriter in the past, but this is a tough career in a tough town and her next script has got to fly.

Both women want their lives to change, but they don’t know how. Sometimes, the first step is to pack your bag and get away from the everyday, so you can start to have an adventure. 

Annie Valentine gets a makeover…

by Carmen Reid

We’ve given Annie Valentine, my favourite Personal Shopper, a brand new look for 2022.

I’ve teamed up with Boldwood to revise the original book and reissue it for a new generation of readers. Annie is the same warm-hearted fixer with her finger on the fashion pulse. I look forward to hearing what new readers will make of her and her adventures.

“Oh brilliant. I cried, I laughed, I smiled.” 5*
– Amazon reviewer on Worn Out Wife Seeks New Life