About Me

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Literally one of my earliest memories is of carefully writing out my newly learned letters on a piece of paper and rushing to my mum to ask: ‘What does this say?’ She struggled to come up with a word and broke the news that I maybe didn’t know quite enough letters yet. I was so disappointed!

I just could not wait for this magic to happen where I would think of something and write it down and then other people would be able to read my thoughts. Gradually, over the years, writing has become my superpower. I don’t believe writing is a gift, I believe it’s a craft. You think, dream and imagine and then you gently unearth your story and your characters from a blur of words. It’s not exactly easy, but it’s deeply fascinating. Writing has become my way of thinking about the world and connecting with people.

When I’m writing a novel, my characters always take over and of course, there’s a healthy pinch of me in every one. I see the world through their eyes, feel their joys and pains, cry their tears, write the scenes that will make them laugh and hope very hard that they will have their happy ending.

My heroines are making their way through the world. Some are raising families and managing the world of work; Annie Valentine lives and breathes family and fashion, while the St Jude’s girls are still in the teenage meltdown that is school. Nicole of Cross My Heart is trying to make sense of being young during the Second World War. All of my leading ladies or lassies are living through turmoil and drama, they’re falling in and out of love, mending their hearts, leaning on their friends, starting over, or simply carrying on.

My writing has grown up with me. That’s not to say it’s all deadly serious now when it was purely fun and frothy before. I’ve always written about the light and the shade in every life, but I hope I’m getting much better at it.

Welcome to the website.