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My Story

I was born and brought up on a farm in a chilly and windy corner of Scotland in the depths of the countryside.

This may explain my lifelong phobia of cows and abiding interest in busy cities, the cinema, newspapers, books, books and more books which promised life was going to be an adventure.

I grew up very, very tall – six foot plus – and spent four of my teen years at a girls’ boarding school in Edinburgh (yes, just like the one in Secrets at St Jude’s) where I read my way through the school library. Favourite subjects: English, German, French and Spanish.

After school, I went to London to study English Literature at University College. I hung with the hipsters and tried to be cool, but I think my fashion sense will always be ‘Edinburgh with an edge.’

After uni, it was back to Scotland to work as a local newspaper reporter: a hilarious job, brilliant for anyone planning a career as an author.


London kept calling and I was soon back working for news agencies then several national newspapers. I interviewed many famous but usually reluctant people, spent much time sitting in court-rooms, occasionally chased people in my tiny car and generally had a very exciting, exhausting time.

Knowing deep down that I was supposed to be an author not a journo, I left my day job to have a baby and wrote my first novel. (Hey, and just a few sleepless, penniless years later it was published!) I’ve been writing fiction ever since.

Although there is a corner of my heart that will always belong to London (and I know all the streets like a cabbie) I now live in damp, green Glasgow, Scotland, with my husband, two brilliant children and a totally pampered dog.

Of course, this is just temporary – I’m still planning my escape to New York, where I’ll live out my days typing stories till I drop on an ancient Apple Mac in a teeny brownstone apartment.

What do I write about?

The kind of heroines you’d want as your best friend who meet life’s challenges in stories that will make you laugh, cry and just want to read on.